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Zenitelecom is a licensed company created by a team of professionals in the field of telecommunications with solid and extensive knowledge.

We are a highly motivated team that is expanding our network and customer base, working with our partners to deliver the best and most cost-effective solutions out there.


Strategic Team

Extensive Knowledge

Innovative Solutions

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Voice and SMS Services

We route calls and SMS via trusted incumbents, mobile and Tier 1 operators. Our connections are secure and reliable.


Carrier Services

We focus on a customized approach to every client, whether international, multinational or a small business, with the common purpose to enable secure voice and SMS traffic termination to any network worldwide over our IP platform.


A-Z Voice

Zenitelecom offers the ideal solution for A-Z termination services as well as a full range of customized solutions with discounted rates and payment terms based on traffic volume to Carriers located in Americas, Asia and Europe with high quality affordable bandwidth to over 220 countries, benefiting from direct routes to key destinations.

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